Maybe Youre a Mori Girl.

Posted July 16 2012

Do you like loose flurry dresses? Layers? Ethnic clothes? Warm colors? Ear muffs? Ponchos? Cute things? Antiques?

If you do, maybe you’re a Mori Girl.

The word “Mori” means the forest or woods in Japanese. When joined with the word “girl,” the Japanese refer to it as a “girl you might find in the woods.” The creator of the Mori Girl community on mixi (which is Japan’s largest social network) has jotted down a couple rules - here’s a peek into the first ten:

· You like loose fitting dresses

· You always wear dresses and skirts

· You prefer slightly quirky clothes over simple ones (but you don’t like loud and flashy clothes)

· You look natural, but with your own style

· You are particular about fabrics

· You like ethnic clothes, too

· You wear A-line clothes

· You like wearing dresses that little girls would wear, too

· You like smock-like dresses and blouses

· You don’t like super sweet fashion (like Lolita)

(see here for the full list)

So would you find yourself to be a Mori Girl? If any of Asian iCandy’s clothes can find a spot in your closets, then certainly you are! We have an exclusive Mori designer Dear Li.

Here are some Mori Girl suggestions from Asian iCandy:

flourishing princess dress

vintage styled knotted sandal

blossom patched maxi skirt

Dear Li Fairy Lace Maxi Dress